“Shame on you!”: Press release by The Turkish Medical Association Central Council

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice

October 23rd, 2015


Two doctors, MD Yasemin Erenc Dokudan and MD Sercan Yuksel, who gave first aid services to the wounded inside Bezm-i Alem Mosque during the Gezi protests, were accused of “protecting offenders” and “littering in a mosque”, and have been tried and found guilty for “littering in a mosque.”

The two colleagues who were tried acted in accordance with a physician’s obligations by offering emergency medical assistance to the wounded people who needed their help, as they would to any other human being. Not only legally, but also in terms of universal ethical values, providing medical assistance to the wounded isn’t a criminal offense, but refusing to do so most surely is one.



Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

October 15, 2015

Hande Arpat

I am one of the people responsible for organizing and inviting all of you to this event, and I was there from the very beginning to the very end. Therefore, with your permission, I would like to tell you about what happened, and though it may be somewhat long, I ask only that you listen:

Preparations for the peace rally began early on; organization committees were established, regional organizers appointed, media work-groups formed… Everybody was undertaking their own preparations in a spirit of joy and cheerfulness. On all our posters, in all of our films and slogans, there was a tenacity infused with hope which pierced through the heavy darkness in which we lived. In those days of preparation, every one of us made new friends, becoming comrades for life because ours was a special experience, as we undertook to produce something, to make something in solidarity with others.

We were going to sing our songs, release our white balloons into the Ankara skies, be hand in hand with our laborer friends who came to Ankara from all over the country, and together we were going to spread hope through our sickened country.

It did not happen. Our meeting was bombed right next to our van, namely the Turkish Medical Doctors Association’s (TTB’s) van: our sisters and brothers were killed at the exact spot where we ourselves had been just four minutes earlier. (more…)