Taksim Square

When Looking Through The Chasm Gezi Hollowed

July-August 2013
Translated from Turkish by Translators For Justice
Source: https://issuu.com/xxi_dergi/docs/xxi_temagu13/49?e=0

by Korhan Gümüş

Canal Istanbul, the third bridge, the third airport and the second city of Istanbul in the Black Sea shore projects… These are under threat of being evaporated because of the political crisis which occurred due to the stubborn approach of the government to rebuild an old Ottoman Artillery Barrack in Taksim. This may lead other crises in rapid succession because, behind this one, there is violence caused by the functioning of the nation centred government overwhelming locality, pushing environment out of politics, and restricting freedom of thought and speech. (more…)

Press Release from Taksim Solidarity – 10.07.2013

Source: http://taksimdayanisma.org/


The Gezi uprising is one of the most important fights for life and
democracy in the history of Turkey. The resistance against any kind of
police violence, unlawful arrests and detentions, the unnecessary
attempts of the state to take over the role of the executive organs and
its falsified statements continues and gathers support and strength. (more…)