The situation for refugees worsens dramatically in Hungary

Translated from German by Translators for justice
Source: http://www.proasyl.de/de/presse/detail/news/ungarn_lage_von_fluechtlingen_verschaerft_sich_zunehmend/

PRO ASYL and bordermonitoring.eu report on the refugees’ current conditions in Hungary and state that the transporting of refugees to Hungary needs to stop immediately.

According to a report released today by PRO ASYL and bordermonitoring.eu, the systemic deficiencies present in the Hungarian asylum system have either remained unchanged or have become worse. Based on their research from 2013, the report criticizes questionable arrests being issued by the government and states that the refugees are being abused by the guards. Moreover, new research shows a number of problems in the Hungarian policy system for refugees. Below is a list of issues which, according to the report, are in need of improvement. (more…)