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What Might Happen?

Translated from Turkish by Translators of Justice
Source: http://blog.radikal.com.tr/Sayfa/neler-olabilir-erken-ongoruler-24074


Demir Küçükaydın

No doubt during these hours in which the turn of events is still unknown, conjectures about the progression of events might appear to be unsound. Even if speculating on specifics is not possible, we can nonetheless make conjectures on the general course of events, if not on their particular aspects, by focusing on political forces and their individual characters. We have been making this analogy again and again and for the longest time: “Right now, we are experiencing the later phase of Democrat Party, the period after 1955. What lies ahead is May 27” We were drawing attention to the parallelism between the practices of Adnan Menderes and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. A similar historical turn probably lies ahead of us. (more…)