Nuray Çokol

An Interview with the Couple Who Met and (Almost) Wed at Gezi: “We’re like Nâzım Hikmet’s Poetry” – PART I

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

by Neslihan Koçaslan

Nuray Çokol and Özgür Kaya met at a makeshift first-aid clinic during Gezi Park protests. The young couple said, “We don’t think of ourselves as two separate people. We’re like the poetry of Nâzım Hikmet. We will continue to fight.” During the protests, the couple spent their days and nights helping the wounded. As their lives crisscrossed in the middle of the demonstrations, they decided to tie the knot. They wanted to hold their wedding ceremony near the park, but the police prevented them from doing so.

Tell us about yourself. What sort of a life did you lead before the Gezi Park events? (more…)