Civil Disobedience in Istanbul

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice
Source: http://mimesis-dergi.org/2013/06/62646/

Civil Disobedience in Istanbul: As the Center of the Movement Shifts from Beyoğlu to Beşiktaş

Ömer Faruk Kurhan

The public statement of BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş, regarding the events triggered by the green resistance in Taksim Gezi Park has clearly exposed the estrangement of his party from the ongoing protests. He objected justifiably to the CHP’s (Republican People Party) and MHP’s (Nationalist Movement Party) misappropriation of the acts of civil disobedience (and they are called neither insurrection nor serhildan in Kurdish) on the part of the masses sick and tired of the AKP government for anti-peace ends. But the point which cannot be apprehended is the following: CHP and MHP are just as alienated from the acts of civil disobedience encompassing millions of people in Istanbul as BDP. (more…)