media contradiction

More Than One Reality: German Newspapers Report Very Differently on German Refugee Policy

Translated by Translators for Justice

By Valeska Cordier

Newspapers present the discussion on German refugees in a variety of differing ways. A number of topics and arguments are presented differently and the words of public figures in one media source are almost completely ignored in another.

In months past, the media has reported quite a lot on the rising number of refugees in Europe. In part, the reporting has been about the catastrophic conditions of the refugees’ initial accommodation and unsatisfactory legislation on asylum. The fact that the law on immigration and residency in Germany is about much more than granting immigrants asylum often fades into the background in these reports. In 2012, more than 85,000 refugees living in Germany did not receive asylum and who, for differing reasons, could not be deported. This was due to refugees being were able to stay in Germany legally with a Duldung permit. A Duldung [toleration] is a permit which grants no legal residency status to the individual. However, his or her deportation is suspended. (more…)