Kurdish Movement

I cannot write anymore, I only scream now.

Translated by: translators for justice
Source: http://t24.com.tr/yazarlar/oya-baydar/yazi-degil-ciglik-zamani,13453

Dec 15th, 2015

Oya Baydar

I cannot write anymore; I only scream now. There’s nothing left that hasn’t been said or written anyway. Everything is crystal-clear for those who can hear and see with their hearts and consciences: The country is at war. The state and the government are fighting against their Kurdish citizens in the name of a war against a terrorist organization. Claiming a just war for the freedom of the people, Kurdish armed forces push their own people into death. Both parties are sacrificing the human life for the sake of their political aims and strategic goals. While lives go to waste and people perish, both parties have their own reasons justifying this bloodshed and cruelty: “They want to partition the country and to establish dominance in the region, claiming partnership in the government” says the government. “We fight to gain and to defend the existence, independence, and rights of our people” says the Kurdish movement. Meanwhile, violence breeds violence and the spiral of violence is rising up. (more…)