Harun Balcıoğlu

One Morning at the Ankara Central Station

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

Source: http://m.bianet.org/bianet/siyaset/168426-ankara-gari-onunde-bir-sabah-vakti


Harun Balcıoğlu

“…Never forget, never

 Ever forgive

Love your enemy not, don’t ever hush

Wait for the fight of all fights, wait

Do you understand, my heart?” (Gülten Akın)

The old woman lying on the ground was covered with a banner from the peace rally. She seemed to be dead. I saw her white-scarfed head when I lifted the banner. She looked to be 65-70 years old. The swelling that extended from her right eyebrow to her eyelid must have been due to the impact of the fall. Blood drops from nearby shattered bodies speckled her face… (more…)