MPs share recordings of last communication with the victims trapped in a building in Cizre

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice


February 1st, 2016

HDP MPs on a hunger strike for the wounded in Cizre have shared audio recordings of their last communication with those victims. In the audio, it can be heard that the ambulances take off to get the wounded. After a short while, however, just as the ambulances are about to reach their destination, gunshots and screams from the basement are heard and contact is lost. (more…)

Armored army vehicles enter the neighborhoods where the wounded are waiting for an ambulance

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice


In Cizre, the wounded are still waiting; instead of an ambulance, armored army vehicles entered their neighborhoods.

After a meeting held at the Ministry of Interior at the demand of a committee from HDP, ambulances were set on their way for the wounded and deceased people who had been waiting for five days in the basement of an apartment in Cizre. Although everyone expected the arrival of an ambulance, armored vehicles instead entered the street where the apartment holding the wounded and deceased people was located. (more…)


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15 Ocak 2016

Uluslararası Af Örgütü bugün, Türkiye’de 19 akademisyenin gözaltına alınmasının tehlikede bulunan ifade özgürlüğüne yönelik yeni bir saldırıyı temsil ettiğini açıkladı. (more…)

I cannot write anymore, I only scream now.

Translated by: translators for justice

Dec 15th, 2015

Oya Baydar

I cannot write anymore; I only scream now. There’s nothing left that hasn’t been said or written anyway. Everything is crystal-clear for those who can hear and see with their hearts and consciences: The country is at war. The state and the government are fighting against their Kurdish citizens in the name of a war against a terrorist organization. Claiming a just war for the freedom of the people, Kurdish armed forces push their own people into death. Both parties are sacrificing the human life for the sake of their political aims and strategic goals. While lives go to waste and people perish, both parties have their own reasons justifying this bloodshed and cruelty: “They want to partition the country and to establish dominance in the region, claiming partnership in the government” says the government. “We fight to gain and to defend the existence, independence, and rights of our people” says the Kurdish movement. Meanwhile, violence breeds violence and the spiral of violence is rising up. (more…)