Ahmet Atakan

Desconsolado padre de la sexta víctima de las protestas anti-gobierno reacciona ante la muerte de su hijo

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«Quienes alaban a la policía como héroes deben ser considerados responsables por la muerte de mi hijo»
Ahmet Atakan murió ayer en Antaka durante una manifestación llevada a cabo para mostrar apoyo a las protestas de la Universidad Técnica de Medio Oriente (METU) y para instar al gobierno a encontrar a los criminales detrás de la muerte de Abdullah Cömert durante las protestas en el parque Gezi. (more…)

Grief-stricken Father of the Sixth Victim in Anti-Government Protests Reacts to Son’s Death

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice
Source: http://www.baskahaber.org/2013/09/ahmet-atakann-babas-ali-atakan.html

“Those Who Hail the Police as Heroes are to be Held Responsible for My Son’s Death”

Ahmet Atakan died in Antakya yesterday during demonstrations held to lend support to the protests at Middle Eastern Technical University (METU) and to urge the government to find the perpetrators behind Abdullah Cömert’s death during Gezi Park protests. The young man’s devastated father reacted to the death: “I’ve been living abroad for 30 years to raise these children. All this wasn’t to give them up.”

“Those Who Hail the Police as Heroes are to be Held Responsible”

Ahmet Atakan’s father Ali Atakan expressed that they wanted to see an end to the events. Ali Atakan, who has been accepting condolences at the family home in the Pınarbaşı district of Çekmece Town explained that he has been working abroad for 30 years: “All this wasn’t to give up my children. Shame on them who played a part in his death.” (more…)