Armored army vehicles enter the neighborhoods where the wounded are waiting for an ambulance

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice


In Cizre, the wounded are still waiting; instead of an ambulance, armored army vehicles entered their neighborhoods.

After a meeting held at the Ministry of Interior at the demand of a committee from HDP, ambulances were set on their way for the wounded and deceased people who had been waiting for five days in the basement of an apartment in Cizre. Although everyone expected the arrival of an ambulance, armored vehicles instead entered the street where the apartment holding the wounded and deceased people was located.

Ambulances were permitted to go to the town of Cizre in Şırnak to pick up the people affected by conflicts in the area, including 23 wounded and five deceased located in the basement of an apartment.

However, even though the Ministry of Interior permitted the ambulances to go to Cizre, armored vehicles and personnel entered the building prior to their arrival.

HDP Member of Parliament from Sirnak, Faysal Sarıyıldız, stated on his Twitter account, “Prior to the ambulances, which were sent in collaboration with the District Governorate, armored vehicles encircled the basement of the building.”

Mehmet Tunc, president of Cizre People’s Parliament and one of the people trapped in the building, said on a live broadcast of Med Nuce TV (a Kurdish language news channel) that the building was shot by a howitzer and the stairs leading into the basement had collapsed.

HDP Deputy Head of Group, Idris Baluken, HDP Member of Parliament from Adana, Meral Danış Beştaş, and HDP Member of Parliament from Urfa, Osman Baydemir, carried out a meeting today (January 27, 2016) with the Ministry of Interior officials. The meeting focused upon the people in need of urgent medical and humanitarian aid who are located in the basement of the apartment in Cizre. After the meeting, Meral Danış Beştaş stated that ambulances were on their way to Cizre, and that they will be following the case from inside the Ministry until the transportation of the wounded and deceased takes place.

On January 24, people who were wounded in the Cudi neighborhood of Cizre took shelter in the basement of an apartment. With the addition of Nusret Bayar having lost his life today, the number of deceased among the people who took shelter in the basement rose to five.

The committee from HDP holds its stance in the Ministry of Interior against any direct prevention or any attempted prevention of picking up the wounded in this neighborhood.

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