Stop the Policy of Slaughter in Silvan! – Boğaziçi Society for Performing Arts Declares

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice


November 13th, 2015

Recent developments show that Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s October post-election statement, “No one should worry about the election results, we will embrace everyone,” has no equivalence in actual practice. On the contrary, we are witnessing a period where the right to life, the most basic human right, is recklessly neglected.

From Silvan, where a curfew is in practice for ten days, we hear news of neighborhoods under tank fire, shots fired from helicopters upon citizens, ambulances not being let in on the grounds that there are police operations being pursued in the area. The number of dead people rose to seven in ten days. There are children among the deceased. The shooting of heavy guns within a residential area and the prohibiting of ambulance access to the area are direct violations of human rights and international conventions. Data coming from the area debunks the claims that these are “operations being carried out against terrorists” and, instead, strengthens the opinion that all people are being targeted for punishment.

As the Bogazici Society for Performing Arts, we demand that operations in Silvan stop, that the blockade ends, that the basic needs of Silvan residents be met without delay and that the entry of independent delegations into the province be allowed. We would like to emphasize that the rising violence against Kurdish people damages, most of all, the ideal of people’s peaceful and free coexistence in Turkey.



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