“Shame on you!”: Press release by The Turkish Medical Association Central Council

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice
Source: http://www.ttb.org.tr/index.php/Haberler/utanin-5677.html

October 23rd, 2015


Two doctors, MD Yasemin Erenc Dokudan and MD Sercan Yuksel, who gave first aid services to the wounded inside Bezm-i Alem Mosque during the Gezi protests, were accused of “protecting offenders” and “littering in a mosque”, and have been tried and found guilty for “littering in a mosque.”

The two colleagues who were tried acted in accordance with a physician’s obligations by offering emergency medical assistance to the wounded people who needed their help, as they would to any other human being. Not only legally, but also in terms of universal ethical values, providing medical assistance to the wounded isn’t a criminal offense, but refusing to do so most surely is one.

The shame of finding the doctors guilty is a stain on the moral values of the decision-makers and those who ordered the tear-gas attacks on protesters regardless of whether they were sick or wounded. The shame lies with those who choked people with tear gas regardless of whether they were children or elderly citizens. And the shame lies with those who allowed deceased children to be heckled on the streets.

Our colleagues MD Yasemin Erenc Dokudan and MD Sercan Yuksel acted in accordance with the obligations incumbent upon any physician. They tried to ease the suffering of the wounded. Long live their efforts!

How fortunate we are that doctors continue to fulfil their medical responsibilities despite all the pressure exerted on them and in spite of the laws that have been passed to restrict them from performing their professional duties even in the face of threats of imprisonment, as they did during the protests in Gezi Park in Istanbul, in Suruc, and in Ankara.

With all due respect, we announce that we will continue to work for the health of our people in every part of this country.

The Turkish Medical Association Central Council


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