Call for solidarity with Lisa Çalan who lost her legs in Diyarbakır bombing

Hand-in-Hand, Rising to Our Feet

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice

We call for solidarity to provide a prosthesis for our friend Lisa Çalan, a filmmaker who lost both her legs in the Diyarbakır bombing.

We lost 5 people in Diyarbakır when a public meeting of HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) was attacked by suicide bombers on June 5. Many people lost their limbs; Lisa Çalan was such a victim.

As Turkish female filmmakers, we have initiated the “Hand-in-Hand, Rising to Our Feet” campaign for Lisa Çalan and others whose endurance and strength despite injury have inspired us to carry on producing films and to act in solidarity.

As similar massacres all around the world keep hurting us all, we call for a cross-border network of solidarity, standing together and helping to heal each other’s wounds. We can start building this solidarity by taking a concrete step: Lisa Çalan’s prosthesis treatment urgently requires €125,000. As filmmakers, let’s begin healing our wounds here, altogether: let’s shout “Action!” and keep producing together with Lisa.

In solidarity,


FilmmorKadınKooperatifi (Filmmor Women’s Cooperative)

OrtadoğuSinemaAkademisi (Middle East Cinema Academy)

To support the campaign:

Kurdistan Hilfe e. V. Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE40200505501049222704

Lisa Çalan is 28 years old. She completed the Cinema Department of the Aram Tigran City Conservatory. She takes part in the Middle East Cinema Academy and various film festival teams, and writes scripts.

Her films:

Zimanê Çîya (Language of the Mountains) / Scriptwriter, Director

Veşartî (Hidden) / Actor, Art Director (Trailer:

Defter (Notebook) / Art Director

Nisêbîna Rengîn (The Color of Nusaybin) / Assistant Director

Dengê Kolanan (Voice of the Street) / Director of Editing

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