3-year-old toddler shot dead by the police

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

Source: https://gaiadergi.com/adanada-35-yasindaki-cocuk-polis-kursunuyla-oldu/


The police attacked the marchers protesting the recent Ankara massacre. Officers fired randomly in the air, leading to the death of Tevriz Dora, a child held in his mother’s lap. Tevriz was struck in the head by a falling bullet from one of the officers.

His mother, Kamile Doğan was sitting with him in her arms in front of her house, when he was struck. Despite the best efforts of the protesters and doctors, the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

News agencies Anadolu and Doğan News argue that it is not clear where the bullets came from, but the family of the child states Tevriz was killed by a police bullet.

In a statement from the HDP, the Adana Deputy, Meral Danış Beştaş states: ” A child was killed by the police in his mother’s lap in their yard. Since the massacre, the Securtiy forces haven’t stopped attacking people and interfering with collective mourning and democratic action. There have been 128 deaths across Turkey’s provinces, including little Tevriz.”

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