ISIS Transporting More Abducted Women to Syria

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014
Translated from German by Translate for Justice

MOSUL – After recent defeats in northern Iraq, terrorist militia the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is now transporting more enslaved women to Syria, according to the most recent reports. Several informants for the Êzîdi Press, who have been in contact with eye witnesses in the affected cities and villages, confirm that for the past two days, the terrorists have been loading abducted Yazidi women onto busses and other vehicles and taking them away.

“They drove up in long busses and had the women and girls get on. Where they took them afterward, I don’t know,” a local resident and eyewitness reported by telephone. One of the abducted women, whom our correspondent was able to speak with beforehand, ultimately confirmed that they were to be brought to Syria—“I heard them joking among themselves about how they were taking us to Syria, where they would show us off to their ‘brothers’ and sell us to them. I am afraid, we’re all afraid.”

For security reasons, we are not able to reveal the exact locations that we’ve received reports from. However, among those concerned are families, women and girls, and children held captive in the cities/districts of Mosul, Tal Afar, Ba’aj, and Kucho, as well as regions of the Anbar Province. Up to 800 Yazidi women are reportedly being held captive in Mosul, in Tal Afar up to 450; approximately 250 families in Kasir A. and 600 people in Kucho are believed to be interned, and around 1500 are estimated to be in prisons in Ba’aj. More are being detained by ISIS terrorists near Baghdad. These figures have been provided by local residents, mostly Sunni Arabs.

These most recent abductions may be due to the increased air raids and losses of ISIS territory in regions of northern Iraq. An Êzîdi Press correspondent gave an account on Monday of panic-stricken scenes in Tal Afar. ISIS terrorists there have reportedly begun to set off in vehicles toward unspecified regions following massive air raids and territory losses in Zumar, Shingal, Mosul, and areas south of Mosul.

It is estimated that up to 7,000 women, girls, and children are currently being held under the control of ISIS; the terrorist organization justifies this “revival of slavery” in an online magazine, claiming the women as “spoils of war” in accordance with Islamic law. The women, including many underage girls, were abducted on August 3rd, after the terror militia invaded the main Yazidi settlement of Shingal in northern Iraq. Now they are being distributed among the ISIS militants and sold as wares. Apart from the Yazidis, many Shia and some Christian women are also being held captive by ISIS.

In recent months, reports from liberated women and girls have revealed the extremists’ brutality and incited horror worldwide. The women are raped multiple times per day, forced into marriage with ISIS terrorists and/or sold as sex slaves. In Raqqa, the organization’s de facto capital in Syria, activists have confirmed reports of the trafficking of Yazidi women.

Although the whereabouts of most of the women, girls, and children are known, their liberation is proving to be extremely difficult. In many cases, Sunni Arabs are paid to “purchase” the women, then subsequently return them to their families. However, serious rescue measures have not been carried out.

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