149 Kobane detainees to be deported

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice
Source: http://www.diclehaber.com/tr/news/content/view/425118?page=2&from=2975960978

URFA- Kobane citizens, who crossed the Turkish border at Mursitpinar Border Crossing with the approval of Turkish authorities, were arrested at their arrival and were kept in custody since then. It’s claimed that they will be deported to Efrin or Cizre cantons very soon. Whilst detainees refuse to be deported, the head of Urfa Bar Association, Ali Fuat Bucak, declared that the detention of Kobane citizens and their deportation is a serious breach of law.

310 Kobane citizens crossed the border with the approval of Turkish authorities on October 6. However, at their arrival, they were first taken to the Suruc High School and later transferred to the Sports Centre where they were kept under police surveillance. Turkish authorities while releasing some exiles selectively, kept the others as detainees. 64 of the detainees, who started an unlimited hunger strike against bad treatment, were deported through Mursitpinar Border Crossing at 03 hours in the morning, on October 15. Xelil Mistefa, a 16 year-old child, who was amongst the deported, was severely wounded by ISIL bombing after deportation. Mistefa whose right leg was amputated, is still in critical state.

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