The Turkish Publishers Association calls for support to Sel Publishing House on Appollinaire Trial

November 2013
Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

Our Call for Support to Sel Publications on Apollinaire Trial

Summary judgement for the case presented against publisher Irfan Sanci and translator Ismail Yerguz, charging them with obscenity based on the report of the Council for Protecting Children from Harmful Publications on the novel Genç Bir Don Juan’ın Maceraları [Adventures of a Young Don Juan] by French poet and author Guillaume Apollinaire, published by Sel Publishing House, will take place on Thursday November 7, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. at Caglayan Courthouse, 2nd Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction.

The case where the literary value of Apollinaire’s novel, who has been considered a world cultural heritage with all of his works, had come to a conclusion in 2010 and the court had returned an acquittal based on the expert opinion of the academic members of Galatasaray University. The judgement was then reversed to be postponed within the scope of the 3rd Judicial Package after objection of the prosecution office, the case was moved to the High Court.
The decision of acquittal wasthen reversed unanimously by 14th Criminal Division of the High Court, and Sanci and Yerguz faced terms in prison for 6 to 10 years. Also in its objection, the High Court stated that the decision of the local court was ‘against the law’.

As the imprisonment request of the High Court is for more than 5 years, the verdict of conviction will not be within the scope of the 3rd Judicial Package, and it will not be possible to postpone it. We kindly ask our publishers to follow this trial, where there is a possibility of imprisonment and support Irfan Sanci, the founder of Sel Yayincilik, translator Ismail Yerguz and the employees of Sel Yayincilik.


Regards,The Turkish Publishers Association

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