Too Many Policemen, Too Few Doctors and Teachers

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

According to Bloomberg news, global research on the number of police per 100 thousand people reveals that Turkey is in second place after Russia, with 474,8 policemen per 100 thousand.

Turkey’s rise to second place has taken place during AKP’s period in office. The number of personnel working for the Police Department has reached more than 300 thousand, increasing by 46% during the AKP years in power. Moreover, according to an article in the Police Bulletin, in the last ten years, 104,246 people have graduated as police officers from Police Education and Training Schools. Another piece of research shows that 13 years ago the total number of police was 165,306, but this figure increased to 242,327, in 2012.

The largest rise occurred after 2011, when Deputy Prime Minister, Cemil Cicek, declared that “compared to the European average, Turkey had fewer police per person and that number had to be increased.” This declaration was widely used by media sympathetic to AKP, claiming that in the EU, there was one policeman for 200-250 people and whereas in Turkey the ratio was 1 to 400. However, this information was never based on any scientific data.

Turkey, which is ranked second in the world regarding the number of police, is in last place amongst OECD countries with respect to number of doctors per capita. According to a report published by the OECD at the end of 2012, in European countries the number of doctors per 1000 people is 3,4, whereas it is only 1.7 in Turkey.

Similarly, Turkey is in last place amongst OECD countries for the number of students per teacher. In Turkey; in primary schools there are 20 students and in middle and high schools, 19 students for every teacher. The average in the OECD countries is, 15, 8 in primary schools and 13, 8 in middle and high schools.

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