Rector to Academic Who Criticized Police Violence: “Go to the Mountains”

Translated by Translators for Justice

If you’re saying such things about our police, you should go to the mountains,” said Durmuş Boztuğ, rector of Tunceli University, to Dr. Alper Güven in a faculty meeting held on September 17.Dr. Güven, the chair of Food Engineering, had criticized the police intervention in the student protests, saying that female students were treated violently and  harassed during searches by the police.
In response to Dr. Güven’s criticism, Dr. Boztuğ said, “How dare do you say these things to our police? If so, go to the mountains.”
Hasan Olgun, the president of Eğitim Sen [Education and Science Workers’ Union] said that Dr. Boztuğ’s reaction reflected a “love it or leave it” attitude. He said that Eğitim-Sen will file a lawsuit against the Chancellor on the grounds that Dr. Güven had been made a victim of workplace mobbing.

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