General Manager of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT): ‘Flying and Flighty Cartoon Heroes Are Dangerous; We Will Make Children Watch the Ottoman Sultans’

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice

The TRT Children’s Channel will air cartoons depicting the lives of the Ottoman Sultans since watching imaginary beings flying and running amok is hazardous to children, İbrahim Şahin, General Manager of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), said.

In an interview with Yeni Akit newspaper, Ibrahim Şahin said: “TRT Children is the first TV channel we established when we took office. If there is going to be a change in Turkey, I believe that it will be possible only if we invest in children.”

“As private TV channels are established to serve commercial purposes, they broadcast cartoons aired in foreign countries. But we are a public property. We are building our own characters, and adding our own culture, national and spiritual values to it,” he said.

Extra-terrestrial beings are hazardous to children

Giving more information on the cartoon they are producing, Şahin said that the imaginary beings in present cartoons are hazardous to children. “For example, we have a production named ‘Çınar’. We will narrate the history of the Ottoman Sultans through this cartoon. We will begin with Osman I (founder of the Ottoman dynasty) and continue up to Abdülmecid I (31st Sultan of the Ottoman state). Our children will learn our history with this cartoon. In contrast, there are imaginary beings, extra-terrestrial and supernatural creatures flying and running amok in other cartoons. As we think that those are dangerous for children, we are making our own movies with huge budgets and presenting them to children. And they will watch them eagerly,” he added.

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