Turkish National Police declare Redhack a “Virtual Terrorist Organization”

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice
Source: http://sozcu.com.tr/2013/gundem/redhacki-sanal-terorist-yaptilar.html

Redhack, which has displayed its support to the Gezi Park resistance, is shown as a ‘virtual terrorist organization’ at the summary report prepared by the Turkish National Police.

Ankara National Police have prepared a summary report concerning the 23 persons placed under custody at the so-called “terrorism” operations coordinated following yesterday’s Gezi Park actions. The report was then forwarded to the public prosecutorship. At the 86-page-long summary report submitted to the public prosecutorship, it was claimed that the actions were “aimed at changing the constitutional by starting a civil uprising that will create a chaos environment”

They Found Redhack!

We have been informed that the summary report prepared by the Turkish National Police contained information on Redhack that has been in the spotlight especially in the social media and that has openly supported Gezi Park resistance. It is stated that the summary police report contained IP addresses and identities of Redhack members. Well-known with the sites they hacked and reactions they have displayed in hundreds of social movements to date, Redhack group was sought by the police for many years but their identities could not be found and it was impossible to reach Redhack.

After scrutinizing all internet activities, especially the Twitter account of Redhackers Turkish National Police forwarded the prepared summary report to the authorized Deputy Office of Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor based on Article 10 of the Anti-Terror Law. In the investigation led by Muammer Akkaş, the public prosecutor of Ergenekon, action will be taken against Redhack members, whose IP addresses and identities have been located, based on “virtual terrorism” activities.

These Tweets Have Been Deemed As “Offence”

The summary report also contained the tweets tweeted by Redhack members on Twitter during the Gezi Park events. It is stated that Redhack, through their TheRedhack twitter account, summoned the population to civil protest and ‘incitement” of the public. The Gezi Park tweets of Redhack on the dates of 14-15th of June are as follows:

“Today, in all the squares of the nation after 2 p.m…”,
“Urgent request to post the announcements for today’s actions while we focus on the works”,
“Please write to the resistance news tag”,
“The resistance is ever-growing”,
“Emergent calls for the meeting points of resistance news”,
“Please write to and follow the resistance news tag”
“We are walking heartfelt for an equal, just world without exploitation or classification, for fraternity and for freedom. Let them stop us if they can”,
“The ones arranging free buses to their own rallies, distribute free raincoats and food for their followers, throw us tear gas, use riot control vehicles and beat us with batons. Are you going to turn a blind eye?”
“Gazi, Sarıgazi, Okmeydanı, Nurtepe, Çağlayan, 1 Mayıs, Gülsuyu*. Your home, your Brother-Sister, your Mother is waiting for you.”

* Editor’s note: These are the names of various districts of Istanbul.

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