The citizen informants project of General Directorate of Security: A tip-off box to each street

Translated from Turkish by Translators For Justice

The Department of Public Security of the General Directorate of Security is launching a project called ‘Confidential Police Warning Project’.
Tip-off boxes –written and voiced- are going to be placed on streets and in neighbourhoods deemed appropriate by the police.

The police will make ‘whistleblowing’ official with the implementation of this project because the aim of the project is to turn ordinary citizen into ‘police citizens,’ better known to the rest of us as police informers. Through these boxes, citizens will be able to tip off the cops anonymously. The snitches will have a menu! Do you prefer that your ‘tip’ be written or recorded? Any information that is gathered will of course remain ‘confidential.’ The aim is to launch the project shortly.

The Justification of the Police: Everyone in the Neighbourhood Knows Each Other
To quote the police: ‘People living in neighbourhoods that are the smallest unit of the society may not know each other very well, but everyone has observed their neighbours and has information on each other.’ What makes the biases of a neighbourhood trustworthy? Is this a new form of due process? It is indeed another step towards totalitarianism.

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