Press Release from Taksim Solidarity – 10.07.2013



The Gezi uprising is one of the most important fights for life and
democracy in the history of Turkey. The resistance against any kind of
police violence, unlawful arrests and detentions, the unnecessary
attempts of the state to take over the role of the executive organs and
its falsified statements continues and gathers support and strength.
Today, unfortunately, we have received disheartening news. We have lost
19-year old Ali I.smail Korkmaz, who’s been fighting for a more decent
and better world and was attacked and injured by yet unidentified
stick-wielding rowdys in Eskisehir on 2nd June. After he spent 8 days in
intensive care and lost his fight for life today (10th July). This is
the sixth citizen we’ve lost during the fight for our demands and our
pain and anger is immense. We will never forget those who gave their
lives for this fight, which will continue with determination.
As you are aware, on the evening of 8th July, our continued struggle
heralded an achievement: the Governor of Istanbul re-opened Gezi Park,
but ironically the representatives of the Taksim Solidarity movement
were arrested when entering the park and although the 48-hour legal
limit for detention had expired, their cases were still not presented to
the prosecution. We again demand the release of all citizens arrested
and under detention during the course of the protests.
Until today, our uprising has been entirely legal, legitimate,
democratic and peaceful and the rulers have been unsuccessful in using
the police to suppress our protest on the streets and places, detaining
the representatives of the movement, continued nightly searches and
arrest operations, all covered by the parliament, who passed a whole
series of new laws, the TMMOB thus taking a further step on the way to
control all areas of public life and to continue exploiting our country.
The planners and executors of these varied approaches to directly
undermine the goals of the Taksim movement should be aware that our
resistance will not ebb away.
From here we appeal once more to those trying to block developments
using police violence, arrests, detentions and series of laws: this
movement, which is an example for the world, has not, is not and will
not give up on our demands and achievements.
To show our support to the representatives of the movement arrested last
Monday on their way to court and all those that were detained we will
meet on Thursday, 11th July at 11 am in front of Çag(layan courthouse
and remain there until the court proceedings have been completed.
Because we’re right and because we are determined.


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