Taksim solidarity press release 6th July

Source: http://taksimdayanisma.org/kamuoyuna

To the Public
6th of July 2013

We want to make our press release known to the public since it was prevented from being read on the Taksim Square by the police.
We are here and we are going to continue to be here.The struggle of the Taksim Solidarity Group and all the citizens who supported it during the process of Gezi Park has proved to be justified. This struggle for democracy aswell as human and civic rights has had the widest participation in our countries history and was proven right once again by the judicial decision. The need to save the historical Taksim Square and the Gezi Park has been
reassured by this sentence.

We are here to communicate the legal decision which cancels the plans to render Taksim Square and Gezi Park a place without identity, without people and full of concrete. We are here to open this place to its real owners again, that is to everybody. We are here to notify the legal cancelation of the plan to make Taksim a place without identity and to build a artillery barrack in Gezi Park. We
are here to insist in the fact that all the interventions done to the park since 27th of May 2013 have been illegal. As it is illegal to close this public space to the people by using police force.

We are here because we have the right to be part of decisions about our living spaces.

Our public park, which is also our gathering point during natural disasters, is under police occupation for days. Our access to our square, the space where we voice our demand for democratic rights, is prohibited. Government, by its practices, made our living
spaces, parks, squares inaccessible for us.

Inspite of this repression and violence we are still coming together where ever we live, with all the values and colours that make us to be ‘we’, with our surprising common sense, our strenght to resist, our determination and incredible creativity.

We are here to remember the people we lost, to denounce the violence that still goes on all over Turkey, and to remind our demands once again. We are here for Ethem, Mehmet and Abdullah. We are here to demand the release of all our friends who were arrested when their only purpose was to meet in the park. We are here to exclaim that it is a terribly injust to release the police officer who provoked Ethem’s death.

We have seen that in the absence of police violence we are able to strew the seeds for a new life in a peaceful way, in our streets, in our squares and in our parks.

Neither the media blackout, nor the random and unlawful practices of the government, nor the arrests, custodies, and unrooted accusations that aim to divide us, will be able to stop our solidarity.

We haven’t abandoned our solidarity, our demands and our gains and we won’t do so in the future. We will remind them once more:

The government has to declare urgently that it abandons the planed demolition of AKM and the – already juridically declared illegal – plans and projects that aim to deprive Taksim and the Gezi Park of people.

We demand to stop the prohibitions and the gathering, demonstration, action bans in our squares and public spaces especially in Taksim and Kizilay, and in all over Turkey; all the obstacles to the right to speech should stopped.

Starting from resistance against the demolition in Taksim Gezi Park, all the responsible parties who prohibited public’s most democratic right to act, who gave the order for violent repression, who executed this order, or made sure it is executed; who caused injury of thousands and the death of five people, should be taken off their duty; the use of gas bomb and similar material should be prohibited,

All the citizens who are under arrest due to their attendance to the resistance all over the country should be released, the government has to publicly declare that no further investigation will be opened on their behalf,

We demand urgently, that all our parks that are closed to public use at the moment, that are also places we gather and take refuge in case of natural disasters, mainly Gezi Park, should be immediately opened.

Long live our solidarity.

Everywhere is Taksim. Everywhere is resistance.


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