Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO): 3. Bridge = ‘Destruction of Nature’ + ‘Unearned Income’ + ‘Deadlock’ + ‘Chaos’ + ‘Urban Deprivation’

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

Chamber of Environmental Engineers issued a press statement on 10th of January, 2012 regarding the 3rd bridge planned to be built in Istanbul.3. BRIDGE = ‘DESTRUCTION OF NATURE’ + ‘UNEARNED INCOME’ + ‘DEADLOCK’ + ‘CHAOS’ + ‘URBAN DEPRIVATION’
The tender for the 3rd bridge planned to be built in Istanbul is taking place today. Despite all scientific-technical and legal objections, another ‘unearned income’ project is being attempted to put on practice.
Project of the 3rd bridge must be cancelled and the capital budget constituted with our taxes and labour must not be transferred to this wrong project.


• It will definitely not be a solution to the transportation problem in Istanbul. Let alone the 3rd bridge, even the 5th bridge to Istanbul will not solve the problem unless the migration problem is solved, Istanbul is surrounded with rail system all around and unearned income transformation processes are brought to an end. On the contrary, it will lead to the insolubility of the problems by encouraging road transportation.
• Conducting the project on the designated areas will damage the cultural and natural heritage of Istanbul.
• At a time when air pollution, problem of waste water and marine pollution are becoming chronic in the city where the unplanned, so-called organized industry is centred on, a settlement that will damage the nature of Istanbul will speed up the extinction. Unfortunately, this extinction will be more destructive and permanent than the effects of a possible earthquake.
• Development of the cities, regarding their habitants is possible by protecting its history and increasing the relationship of the community to the city. 3rd bridge is a significant obstacle for these to come into existence. Cities fragmentized with motorways, serve to isolate the inhabitants of the city from the city and affect the relationship with the city and social life in a negative way.

Execution of the temporary 3. Clause, titled ‘Projects Out Of Scope’, of the ‘Environmental Effect Evaluation Regulation’ published in Official Gazette no. 26939, July 17, 2008, was stopped due to the objection made by our Chamber to Council of State, Plenary Session of the Chambers for Administrative Cases. This meant that many other projects which would lead to environmental destruction like the 3rd bridge would be subject to Environmental Effect Evaluation (ÇED). However, unfortunately, the government with its style that is increasingly becoming usual, modified the regulation by circumventing the law and paved the way for the exemption of projects like the 3rd Bridge from Environmental Effect Evaluation. Our Chamber made its legal objection to this modification, too, on scientific and professional basis. There is no debate on the evaluation of any possible environmental effect of the 3. Bridge, for which steps were taken to build it and the tender procedures were carried out today. It is already clear that the tender, carried out in a process where only the currency units comprising of ‘0’s are discussed, will instigate the environmental massacre.

For a ‘Sky blue, branch green, cropland yellow; land of the birds and flowers’ Istanbul and not with air pollution, marine pollution, urban deprivation, silhouette destructions, road excavations, destruction of nature and forest massacres, 3. Bridge project must be cancelled before it is too late and policies and projects based on pursuing public welfare and modern, comfortable city life must be put into practice. Our Chamber is ready to support the projects on this basis, with its professional and technical experience.

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Environmental Engineers

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