Dangerous Tension in Lice

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice
Source: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/?hn=425536&kn=7&ka=4&kb=7

Gendarmerie intervened in citizens protesting the construction of an additional outpost building. One person died and nine got injured, two of whom are serious.

Mahmut Oral
Cumhuriyet/Diyarbakır – Gendarmerie intervened with tear gas, and then opened fire to the villagers who were protesting the construction of an additional outpost building in Kayacık, Lice district. Medeni Yıldırım (18) died and nine got injured, two of whom are serious.

The villagers in Kayacık marched on the outpost. Near the outpost, they set fire on the 3 tents that the workers used and stoned the outpost after the tension they had with the gendarmerie. The gendarmerie initially intervened with tear gas and then opened fire as the villagers didn’t disperse. 9 people got seriously injured, including Medeni Yıldırım, Salih Bedirhan, Ramazan Çakır, Veysi Özmen, Mehdi Aslan and the 16-year-old Ronida Pervane.

One if the injured, Medeni Yıldırım (18) couldn’t be saved in spite of all the medical interventions. It has been reported that two people’s conditions are still serious. As the villagers reacted to the forces when they fired into the air, they once again threw stones to the outpost. Armored vehicles and troops were sent to the district in response.

On the occasions, the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) group including BDP co-chair Gültan Kışanak and the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-chair Aysel Tuğluk moved to the district.

Call for keeping common sense

Kışanak who made a statement in the evening remarked that the people went to protest the outpost with a banner writing We want peace, not war and said that The whole protesting people were civilian, unarmed villagers. To open such a fire on the villagers is a blatant murder, an attempt of slaughter and a nefarious provocation. Our people should keep their common sense and shouldnt be provoked. But it must be known that this nefarious assault will be brought to book.

If any shots, they shot each other

Lice Governor Özer Özbek stated that “a group of 250 people from BDP started an attack with the aim to go into the outpost. They entered the yard of the outpost. After they entered the yard, the back-up special operation forces under the command of the troop commander fired into the air. There has absolutely not been any raking, targeting with guns or firing against individuals. If any shots, they may have shot each other”.


Diyarbakır Governor Cahit Kıraç who stated that one has been killed and two seriously of nine wounded says that Whoever that has made this provocation in the peaceful environment will be revealed.


RedHack hacked the website of Lice Governorship in the same evening.

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