The expert’s report on the death of Ethem Sarısülük is done: Contrary to manslaughter defense presented by the policeman, he didn’t fall nor did a stone hit him on the wrist

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice

The expert’s report on the murder of Ethem Sarısülük, who was shot by a policeman in Ankara, shows once more the defendant has lied.

The expert’s report on Ahmet Şahbaz, the policeman who murdered Ethem Sarısülük, show once again he is lying. According to Kemal Göktaş’s report from Vatan newspaper, 28 pieces of footage gathered from media institutions, city surveillance cameras and neighboring office buildings have been examined. Three of these pieces of footages featured the moment that Sarısülük is shot. The two experts who prepared the report described the moment of the shooting frame by frame:

‘The policeman walked up to the protestors’

“The protestors started throwing stones at the police between the reflecting pool and the subway entrance. At the time Ethem Sarısülük was himself picking up stones. The protestors were stuck between the subway entrance and the reflecting pool. They could not move backwards as there were benches and telephone booths. The protestors moved forward, throwing stones at close range at policeman who, struck while standing between the stone benches, fell on the ground. Later on, more protestors joined the crowd, which continued to throw stones at the policemen, who were trying to get out from the place by the benches they were taking shelter. The police tried to jump over the phone booths to get to the other side. Then protestors retreated after a tear gas canister was fired at them by the police. At that point, the policemen came out of the place they had taken shelter and moved to another direction. The protestors, including Sarısülük, moved towards the retreating policemen with stones in their hands. One of the policemen (Ahmet Ş.) warded off a protestor who separated himself from the crowd and continued to walk up to him. The police officer kicked the protester who then fell on the ground.”

‘The barrel was parallel to the ground’

“At that point the protestors were getting ready to throw the stones in their hands. The policeman pointed his gun up in the air and fired it. As Sarısülük was throwing him a stone, the policeman fired his gun twice. The barrel was pointing in the air but it was very unsteady. It was parallel to the ground for a moment before he fired it for the last time. From the moment the policeman’s approached the protestors to the point where he fired his gun for the third time, more than 10 stones were thrown to him.”

Policeman didn’t fall nor did a stone hit him on the wrist
The report reveals the conflicts of Ahmet Ş.’s defense, in which he claims his act of manslaughter was for “self protection”:

– Ahmet Ş claimed that the protestors caused him to fall down, and that they went on stoning him while he was lying on the ground. He was scared of being lynched. None of the footage showed him falling to the ground.
– Ahmet Ş claimed that the protestors advanced towards him. However, considering when the footage is analyzed, the policeman was stoned and/or struck only in the first stage. Later on, when the tear gas canister was shot, both the protestors and the police had to retreat. Instead of backing off with his colleagues, Ahmet Ş. sprang forward towards the protestors and first lashed out by kicking a protester before opening fire.
– Ahmet Ş claimed that he was firing into the air, but that a stone hit his wrist the third time he fired, causing the position of his barrel to shift. None of the footage showed the stone Ahmet Ş’s claimed hit his wrist.
– Previously, it was stated that 37 stones had hit the police officer. However, according to the expert’s report, “more than 10” stones were thrown at him from the moment he moved away from his colleagues until he opened fire, and there is mention in the report of how many of those stones actually hit him.


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