Peace Association: We Stand by the Demands of Taksim Solidarity

Translated from Turkish by Translators for Justice
To the press and the public.
A new and a broad crackdown has been initiated by the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi; Justice and Development Party) against the grassroots movement that has been continuing for the last two weeks. The intensity of the response of the Police Forces has escalated fueled by the provocateur agents and misinformation. It is obvious that the main strategy is to break cohesiveness of the Resistance.

However, the prestige, power and the range of this grassroots movement is at such a level that, the provocations are being driven back and the masses in the Taksim Square are weaving a new type of resistance together.

The lies have already become a mockery material. The lies of the AKP will serve no purpose other than halting the erosion in its voter base and dissociation of it. It is already obvious that the lies in fact will not achieve this, either.

Tayyip Erdogan, during a speech he had delivered two weeks ago, which had triggered the events, had said, “we have made our decision, do whatever you want, we will demolish the park”. The public’s response to this statement is a solid one. The public says, “we have made our decision, do whatever you want, you will accept our demands”.

It is certain for sure that, in the next few hours, the Resistance will grow further and the provocations that have been staged since the early morning will be rendered futile.

The Peace Association announces one more time that it stands by the demands of Taksim Solidarity.

Peace Association – June 11, 2013

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