The President of People’s House in Turkey calls for a general public strike

Translated from Turkish by Translators for justice

General Public Strike against the neoliberal, bigoted, fascists policies of AKP!

Ravenous aggression displayed by the government of AKP yielded a huge social outburst.

The rampant attacks of the police against those who camp in the Park to prevent the construction of a shopping mall and residences under the name of Artillery Barracks (“Topcu Kislasi”) in the last green space in Istanbul Taksim Square fired the flare.The ravenous aggression displayed by the police attempting against the lives of many did not suffice to oppress the resistance; rather, it led the resistance to evolve into a more widespread, massive and militant movement.

The public movement that started as Gezi Park resistance has morphed into a glorious opposition against the order – constructed on Tayyip Erdogan’s peremptory words, increasing authoritarianism, bigoted-sectarian policies and the ravenous violence perpetrated against the public by the ruling government.

“Banned squares” have now been seized by floods of people. Today, millions of people challenge the AKP rule by standing tough against the tear gas, water cannons (TOMAs), plastic or real bullets of the police.

The prominent demands of this public uprising are no less lawful than the State terror inflicted at Tayyip Erdogan’s behest.

1. Artillery Barracks Project in Gezi Park must immediately be halted and the public must have the right to speak for their cities.

2. Those responsible for the violence inflicted on the public in all over Turkey must apologize and resign their offices.

3. Prohibitions to assembly and demonstrate in the city squares must be lifted.

4. Everybody taken into custody must immediately be released.

Instead of listening to these legitimate claims, the “one-man” Erdogan who is siccing the police on the public is turning into the single target of the public and squares are roaring with “Tayyip, resign!” slogans.

Every single member and friend of the People’s House has strengthened and will be strengthening this voice and the demands above.

It is also our duty to keep under control or at least to minimize the weaknesses and deficiencies of this extraordinary public uprising.

It should always be kept in mind that this resistance grows stronger when Gezi Park is defended by Turks and Kurds, Alawites and Sunnis, women and men all together. Therefore, nationalist, racist, sexist and discriminatory discourses must be prevented. At the same time, the shared demands and common slogans of the public should be brought to the fore and the millions should be channeled into a single objective without being sidetracked.

The initiative taken by progressive labor organizations and professional associations should be reinforced; the General Strike decision taken should be turned into a Public Strike in all neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. Every step taken under a mass mobilization to halt the daily life will be a major step forward to stop the neoliberal, bigot and fascist policies of AKP.

Every cloud has a silver lining… And the time is coming for AKP to be accountable before the public.

Oya Ersoy
The President of People’s House in Turkey

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