The murderer suspect police officer freed

Translated from Turkish by Translators For Justice

In the first days of the Gezi protests, Ethem Sarısülük, aged 26, was shot in the head by the police in Kızılay, Ankara and died. The police officer prosecuted with the murder of the young protestor has been released pending trial.On 1 June, Ethem Sarısülük lost his life as a result of being hit in the head by a bullet fired by a policeman during the protests in Ankara’s Kızılay district in support of the Gezi riots in Istanbul. Yesterday afternoon Veli Dalgalı, the public prosecutor, unexpectedly called the suspected police officer, Ahmet Ş., in to hear his statement.

After giving his statement, the prosecutor sent the suspect to the 13th Magistrates Court. After questioning, the court declared that the suspect should be released pending trial, on the grounds that the alleged crime was within the limits of self-defense.

Secret Questioning
The call for the suspect to give a statement took many by surprise. Solicitors of Ethem Sarisülük’s family, and informed the reporters that in their meeting with Dalgalı there had been no developments or a report on the case. The prosecutor also informed the solicitors that he would be leaving the courthouse in the afternoon. However, in the evening the solicitors learned by coincidence that the suspected police officer had been recalled for interrogation and sent to the court with the request of arrest.

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