Emma Bonino expresses her apprehension for the latest events in Turkey

Translated by Translators For Justice
Source: http://www.emmabonino.it/pressreleases/10773

Turkey/Bonino: spontaneous meetings without any control by the opposition
Protests in Turkey arose spontaneously; the opposition Party joined the protests but didn’t lead them, said the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino.

Emma Bonino expresses her apprehension for the latest events in Turkey

News from Turkey is alarming and it is even more serious that the tensions of these last days have caused victims. Emma Bonino, the Minister of Foreign Affairs claimed this, adding that ‘the excessive use of violence by the police cannot be an acceptable reaction to the protests.’

The right to manifest peacefully is a fundamental pillar of democracy as well as pluralism and tolerance. We expect that in Turkey everyone does his best to stop the violence and to promote the necessary dialogue and peaceful confrontation among the different opinions.

Italy, concludes the Minister, firmly believes in a European prospective of Turkey and in its role of fundamental factor of stability and security on a regional scale. We believe that Turkey will be able to overcome this difficult situation by confirming its democracy that cannot, as President Gül said, only be represented by the right to vote.

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