Shut the panicked’s mouths up!

Translated from Turkish by Translators For Justice
Shut the panicked’s mouths up!
In this moment,the police and the cyber-police are trying to make canards and create an air full of panic.

Last night,while singing ‘’we are gonna have better days’’in the square of Gündoğdu , Izmir we were not surprised to hear that the media was under fire and ambulances rushing to the scene.
In that exact moment,we heard the news that the by-street which we were passing by was revealed and  TOMAs (the big vehicles that the police use)  were attacking.The TOMAs must have been humiliated by the resisitance of the public because we couldn’t see anything but the manifestors who begin to scream ‘’ selamun aleykümaleyküm selam’’ and continued to chant  in a sexist way.’’It is burning and under fire,the police have destroyed,the Syrian refugees are attacking with knives’’ etc. ,in the places in which it is said that ‘’ we have crumbled’’-the only ones crumbled were the supporter groups who were a little bit more drunk.
There were real scenes in which attacks were happening,but those people were giving reasonable and objective statements,not the expressions of panic.
Along the day,there were ‘’private messages’’ like these : ‘’my husband’s sister’s brother-in-law said that there will be a massive attack tonight’’,’’the police next to me were talking on the bus saying tonight will be the apocalypse’’ etc.
It is important to understand that even if he is our husband’s sister’s brother-in-law,a policeman is a policeman. Both him and the careless police in the bus -it is certain – already took orders to start this kind of news  which is full of fear.They have already been attacking with all their strength for days,they could have cease the resistance,if they wanted. Now,they are exhausted too but with ‘’psychological battle’’,they are trying to relax their work by sowing the seeds of panic and fear.
This is Turkey,of course; this system is facism.Tonight,they can fire at everyone by using helicopters,but they don’t mention that in the bus.
The sources of learning trustworthy news are slow,the sources of fast news are open to manipulation.Until we undo this dilemma with both a fast and trustworthy organization of news flow,we have to tell the news through social media  by trusting our instincts,but we should try to spread the news and learn it from  really trustworthy people;these days the coices are not just  ‘’my friend’s father’’ or a news agency.
The ones who use the media of panic are the police or lapdogs of the police.
‘’We are dead,it is over,we are burned,drowned..’’ Let’s say you are dead,are we going to make you undead by tweeting?  We really have to make this our ideology: The situation of brutality and difficulty must be announced objectively.It must be known that the ones using the language of doomsday,hell,defeat are the police or the ones under the wings of the police.
There are so many in the social media like the ones above.They tweet as if they are the supporters of the resistance,and start to make false announcements like : ‘’Go back home,it will be a doomsday’’.
There is torture,but there is a reasonable way to relate this torture.If there is an unbearable,irresistable  review of torture,there is  provocation.
There are attacks,but there is also  resistance.They only talk about the attacks,if they don’t mention the resistance,they are the agents of the police,concious or  unconcious.
People have to give up ‘’private messages.’’The informations shared ‘’private!’’ can be reached on the web.They can read all the private messages if they want.But they can’t deal with so much information.We need to share information in a careful but overt fashion .
As a summary:
 *Relate the situation you are experiencing as objectively as possible
*Do not sow the seeds of  panic messages and expose the ones who do it
*In every possible place make sure that the information you get is passed on to everyone

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