Turkish Union of Journalists, Istanbul branch: we are filing a criminal complaint!

Translated from Turkish by Translators For Justice
Source: http://www.tgs.org.tr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=577&Itemid=15

Turkish Union of Journalists, Istanbul Branch: We are Filing a Criminal Complaint!

Together with the press workers who were injured by the gas bombs, compressed water or rubber bullets used by the police; those who were taken into custody after being kicked or beaten with police batons; those who were insulted or whose gas masks were torn by force; those who were forced to delete the photos they took or those who were exposed to violations of their rights to practice their profession, we are filing a criminal complaint against the police officers that have performed brutality and against the authorities holding the responsibility for this violence, especially the Governor and the Police Chief of Istanbul.

Any attack to press workers is an attack to the rights of the people to access the news as well as to the freedom of press and freedom of expression.

We condemn them and we demand that whoever is responsible for these be punished.

We are hereby calling upon all the members of the public to support us during the press release we will be issuing in front of the Çağlayan Court House before we file our criminal complaint.


Turkish Union of Journalists
Istanbul Branch

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