Where are the citizens that were taken into custody?

Translated by Translators for Justice
Source: http://haber.sol.org.tr/devlet-ve-siyaset/gozaltina-alinan-yurttaslar-nerede-haberi-74796

Where are the citizens that were taken into custody?

Many Turkish citizens were taken into custody during the police raids which started yesterday evening and lasted all day but it is not known where these people are.

Update: 20:30
After the news about the lack of  information about where the people who were taken into custody are, there is a similar situation today.

Upon going to the Courthouse,  the lawyers found out  that the prosecutor on duty had left the place and neither were those people taken to the police stations.

An incredible act of unlawfulness is performed in İstanbul by the ruling AKP party.

The place of the citizens who were taken into custody in İstanbul as a result of AKP’s raids remains unknown.

No information about the custodies is taken in any police station in İstanbul while lawyers go to all police stations to support the protesters.

If citizens who are in custody are not taken to the police stations in 14 hours, this is obviously a crime.

(soL – Haber Merkezi)

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