Minutes from Gezi Park resistance

Translated by Translators For Justice



All the way through, we have had such a rightful stance that the Prime Minister has lost his well-established sarcasm, together with the highly mischievous but devilishly sly smile on his face. That so-called paragon of self-confidence, valid only until a few days ago, is now trying hard to put all the blame on poor old CHP. Believing in and fooled by the idea that he will handle this perfectly as well (as he has been doing so for years). Come on now. We are not buying this. Our resistance does not, and will not belong to any party, group, religion, sect, or politics.


a)   Drinkers:

This is very simple. Just as you cannot drink and drive, you cannot drink and resist civilly. You drink as a recreational activity, while this is not a recreational activity. The fact that you are having fun in this way does not necessarily mean that you have the right to do so. Go home and drink as much as you can. Every move you make then turns into a harmful one. What is more, you look repulsive. You have Gaviscon in one hand, beer in the other. What the hell is this?

b)   Those Who Hit, Kick, and Throw Stones All over the Place

The only thing that will stop these is being warned by others. In all types of crowds, in all gatherings, there will be a guy who has watched Die Hard a hundred times. Please warn these miserable vandals. They are the ones who harm our resistance the most. Throwing the gas that the police has sent us back to the police is a sacred act. However, why throw the stone? In Beşiktaş, the glasses of tens of cars have been crashed because of these heated jerks.

c) Essential human features such as courtesy and cleanliness should all be preserved in the course of resistance. If we are able to maintain our humane approaches, this resistance will rise. Maybe it is an offense to remind you of this fact, but let me go for it: PLEASE DON’T LITTER.


It is not difficult to see how excited and fed up you are. Please do not borrow the resistance and make it seem as if it has been all yours. You would all give credit to the fact that Atatürk was neither a man of civil resistance, nor a symbol of opposition. That is why you should not indulge in any kind of bullshit like saying, “We are all soldiers of Mustafa Kemal.” Would you really like to get rid of AKP and end up in being soldiers? We are those who want democracy and democratic practices. And what is actually happening right here is not one of those picnic-type of demonstrations you have been carrying out in your Republic Celebrations.


We understand what you mean and how you feel. What has been going on “right there” for the past 30 years has now been going on “right here” for the past few days. And with a lower level of violence, that’s right. The sky has fallen. However, as the sky falls, the same sky does not give out any rain in other parts of the country unless there are clouds up here in Istanbul. Come over and join us. We are now happy to see how BDP has backed us up, primarily with the support of Sırrı Süreyya Önder. However, we want more.


What has happened to your conscience? Why are you so few? We are looking forward to seeing more people bound to their religion by heart.


We hope that the highly civilian behavior you have exhibited so far will follow. We are delighted to know that there are many of you amongst us.


While you are fervently using those gas bombs, TOMAs (Civil Disturbance Intervention Trucks), think twice about against whom you are using them. Resorting to violence to someone who does not act violently at all is not the most dignified type of behavior in the world. Let us accept this fact.

8)   THE ARMY:

Thank you for giving us a hand in Harbiye and Gümüşsuyu. We do not ask for any further help, thank you very much. We are well aware of what the army has brought to us so far. The help you will grant will not be helpful at all.


Stay in front of social media at all times. Those who are out on the streets cannot use it effectively, help them communicate with each other. Please do not jump inside every moving train, do not believe in and spread all bits of information you come across. There’s enough gas all over the place, do not be fooled by gaseous info while sitting at your place. Do not spread serious info without checking them and proving them right.

10)   MEDIA:

Seriously, go to hell. You ain’t a shit. That’s for sure.

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