KESK – Press Release


We call upon you to spread the struggle against AKP fascism in workplaces and in the streets!

June 03, 2013 Monday

As you know, KESK had announced a Warning Strike scheduled to start on June 5th demanding job and wage security. However, state terror to suppress the entirely peaceful protests that began seven days ago against Gezi Park being opened up to profiteering continues with no regard for human life.

The state terror against the mass demonstrations demanding democracy that have spread across the entire country has once again shown the world that the AKP government is the enemy of democracy. Hundreds of citizens have been injured, many seriously, as a result of police attacks on specific targets. Thousands of people have been detained. All public areas of the cities are under siege; a man hunt is underway that targets the opposition in the form of raids throughout the night.

Entirely unlawful operations that are tantamount to vigilante justice have left the entire nation in a cloud of tear gas, and the Prime Minister has the audacity to label the millions who are exercising their democratic rights to take part in these protests as “marginals and a bunch of looters.”

Having embraced legitimate struggle as the very source of its founding philosophy and values, KESK is determined to intensify the fight against these atrocities that are being seen across the country. In an assessment of the recent developments, the KESK Confederation has made the following decisions in the face of such utter disregard for the safety and life of the public:

* We will be wear black ribbons and dress in black in workplaces throughout the entire country as of Tuesday 4 June. We will be making statements to the press in front of workplaces in which we condemn the atrocities carried out by those who ignore public safety, and freedom of thought, speech and assembly. We will also be going on strike on Tuesday 4 June at noon, one day earlier than the previously announced date of 5 June.

* The scheduled strike based on demands for “Human Dignity, Job Security and a Secure Future, and a Democratic Turkey” shall continue through Wednesday 5 June 5, and we shall be in the squares en masse.

We are hereby calling upon all forces of labour and democracy to embrace the struggle and further the cause against this oppressive authoritarian government that has no regard for the law as a common denominator.

Executive Committee

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