Kürkçü: We have established the commune of the future

Translated from Turkish by Translators of Justice
Source: http://www.bianet.org/bianet/toplum/147279-kurkcu-gezi-parki-ndaydi

Ertuğrul Kürkçü: We have established the commune of the future

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP Kürkçü was at Gezi Park
In a public forum on “Inside the Resistance: From 68 to the Present” held at Gezi Park, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Mersin MP Ertuğrul Kürkçü stated: “We are not going to leave without obtaining a result.”

Addressing a large crowd of people in the forum organized by Socialist Re-Establishment Party (SYKP), Kürkçü emphasized that the Gezi Park Resistance was the creation of youth, women and laboring classes, and said: “Together we are going to see whether the resistance will yield any results.”
“Those who govern Turkey say that they have “gotten the message” with the resistance in Taksim, but I am not so sure of this. Is Taksim going to be as we imagine it to be? Are those under custody and in prison going to be released? Are the police officers going to be removed from duty? We will continue to resist until they fulfill our demands.”


Referring to the resistance spreading from Gezi Park to entire Turkey, Kürkçü stated: “Taksim is the heart of the resistance. For this reason, it has taken on the responsibility for entire Turkey.”
All the squares belong neither to partisans, nor to a political movement. These squares belong to women, those who want to struggle for their sexual orientation, Kurds, Arabs, Alevis, Yezidis, Christians, anti-capitalists, those with no beliefs, those of every belief. Which is why we need to live this common interest in itself.

“We have Established the Commune of the Future”

“In the history of Turkey, people has never governed itself. We have established the commune of the future here. We do not want to be governed by a centralized and single source of power. We want a democratic republic constituted of autonomous governments.”

We are stuggling to protect not only humans, but at the same time trees and animals. Cats, dogs and ants have a right in the struggle as well.”

“We know that the participants in the struggle do not come from the same political action and parties. Everyone has a share in this struggle for liberation.”

Kürkçü ended his speech with the chant “Freedom or Freedom” in Kurdish: “An azadî, an azadî.”

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